Caminito del Rey Weather

Weather in the Caminito del Rey

The weather in the Caminito del Rey, as you can imagine, depends on the season.

You should know that the climate is the same as in the municipality of Ardales, the summers are short, hot and arid and the winters long, cold and partly cloudy.

In some occasions, due to the excess of heat, it has been necessary to suppress the visit, because in the mountain areas the summers are usually too hot. On your left you can find the weather in the current Caminito del Rey.

You should choose your visit according to its availability and the season you prefer. Many people prefer to visit this area during the colder months. If the rain is moderate during your journey you can enjoy a beautiful picture that forms the wet rock, and that smell so characteristic of the earth.

As for the wind, you no longer have to worry. During its restoration a tunnel was opened in the rock to pass through when there is a risk of landslides. Besides, if you like adventure, the passage through the hanging bridge can be an unforgettable experience.

If you choose that it will be autumn the time to visit the Caminito del Rey, you can also enjoy hiking routes in El Chorro and Ardales, for example.