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Information about the Caminito del Rey Malaga

Before starting your adventure through the Gaitanes Gorge we give you all the information about the Caminito del Rey (King’s Little Way) that is useful. If you are passionate about nature, fresh air and sports, you can’t miss this unique route in all of Andalusia.

The Caminito del Rey path is located in a totally natural environment, surrounded by mountains, gorges and valleys of difficult access. For this reason, it is not possible to arrive by private vehicle at the beginning of the route.

The total distance of the route is 7.7 km not circular. It is one way and descending from North to South.  4.8 km are access roads and 2.9 km are door to door.

Caminito del Rey North Access

The northern access to the Caminito del Rey is where the route starts. As the route is not circular, you must know that you will have to go to this point to start. You should be there about 20 minutes earlier and bear in mind that you cannot park here.


  • Water or energy drink, exclusively.

  • Chocolates, energy bars, fruit, nuts.

  • Sun protection cream.

  • Clothing appropriate for the season in which the tour takes place and comfortable shoes.

  • Visitors, depending on visiting hours, should plan for a possible lunch.

  • It must be taken into account that there is no bathroom area from the moment you enter the tour.

  • Visits are not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo, heart, respiratory or locomotive diseases, or are under medical treatment whose medication coincides with the duration of the visit.

What do you need to know before visiting the Caminito del Rey?

What days does the Caminito del Rey open?2020-02-19T11:14:30+01:00

From Tuesday to Sunday every day of the year.

How long does it take to go through it?2020-02-19T11:12:17+01:00

As we have already said, you cannot get to the same door by car, so you have to walk for a while. In total, taking into account the time for the accesses and the time to walk along the footbridges is 3 – 4 hours, also the time of the stops to enjoy the views.

How is the tour?2020-02-20T08:44:15+01:00

We already anticipated that the route of the Caminito del Rey is not circular, so you must think about how to return to the starting point to pick up your vehicle. That is why there is a bus that takes you from the south to the north access of the Caminito del Rey.

Sections of the route

  • Reception area
  • Two access areas: the Gaitanejo path and track
  • Visitor’s hut and Gaitanejo reservoir
  • First Canyon (Gaitanejo Gorge)
  • Second Canyon (El Tajo de las Palomas)
  • The Hole Valley
  • Third Canyon (Desfiladero de los Gaitanes)
  • Final stretch. Walkway to exit winch.
  • Caminito del Rey Avenue, path down to El Chorro station.
What physical condition is required?2020-02-19T11:09:01+01:00

Obviously you don’t have to be an athlete, but given the characteristics of the place it makes mobility a bit complicated. If you start from the south entrance of Alora this will be uphill.

How often is there a pass?2020-02-19T11:14:05+01:00

Every 15-30 minutes there is a new entry pass.

What is the maximum capacity per day?2020-02-19T11:06:46+01:00

600 people maximum.

What days does the Caminito del Rey close?2020-02-19T11:11:29+01:00

Every Monday, in addition to 1 January and 24, 25 and 31 December.

How high is the Caminito del Rey?2020-02-19T11:04:55+01:00

101 meters.

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