Caminito del Rey How to get there

Where is the Caminito del Rey?

It is located in the center of the province, approximately 60 km from the capital. Delimited by the mountains of Ronda and Antequera.

Map How to get to Caminito del Rey Malaga

How to go to Caminito del Rey

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s not a circular road. Since its rehabilitation in 2015 it receives thousands of visitors and many are the adventurers who wonder how to get to the Caminito del Rey from Malaga.

We want to give you all the information about how to go to the Caminito del Rey

How to get to Caminito del Rey by car from Malaga

From Malaga to Ardales on the A-357, turn off at the Ardales reservoirs on the MA-5403.

You must park your car in the parking area, 1 hour before your session. From this point you will have to walk 20 or 45 minutes, depending on the path you choose. Here you must be 20 minutes early to get your safety helmet.

If you’re on holiday in the area and fancy a bit of adventure it’s a very good option. Do you fly in? Rent a car at Malaga airport and don’t miss out on this experience.

How to get to Caminito del Rey by train from Malaga

Going: Malaga – El Chorro

Morning schedule: 10:00 a.m.; arrival: 10:47 a.m.

Afternoon schedule: 18:00 hours; arrival 18:50 hours.

Return: El Chorro – Malaga

Please note that you must choose a pass to do the Caminito del Rey between 12:00 and 14:30, as it will take one hour to get from the train station to the entrance.

When you leave the train you will find the shuttle bus. Show your entrance and it will take you in 15 minutes to the north area, then you will walk another 15 minutes.

How to get to the Caminito del Rey from Antequera

To go to the Caminito del Rey, if you are heading from the northern part of Andalusia, the best thing to do is to go to Antequera (A-92 motorway) and from there choose one of the two routes. The first is in the direction of the municipality of Campillos (A-384) to the El Chorro reservoirs (A-357 and MA-451) in the municipality of Ardales.