El Chorro – Malaga

El Chorro is a small village in the municipality of Alora in Malaga. A village marked by the marked relief of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

Do you like climbing? There are many lovers of this sport who come here to enjoy its walls and rocks. El Chorro in Malaga can be the perfect place to enjoy nature in Andalusia.

You will find spectacular views, adventure sports, hiking tours and many other surprises. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Here we want to tell you some of the things to see in El Chorro

The Bobastro Ruins

They are located in the municipality of Ardales in the Mesa de Villaverde area. It is the most important cave complex in the province. You can also enjoy the cave houses of El Chorro.

Water activities

El Chorro is internationally known for its hydrographic richness. It has the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir where if you like water activities you can enjoy a lot. It has a picnic area, pedal boats and canoes.


Another activity to do in El Chorro is a hiking route. Currently, there are several routes with different degrees of difficulty. A magical place surrounded by water and mountains with unique views. The Gaitanejo Path, the Vultures’ Viewpoint and the Reservoirs’ Viewpoint are some of the points you cannot miss if you decide to visit El Chorro in Malaga.


If you are into risky sports, you can try paragliding. You can find a school in El Chorro to practice this sport. Temperatures in winter are mild so it is available almost all year round.

Thermas of Carratraca

In 1851, the waters were declared of public utility by Royal Order. If after a hard day of sport you feel like relaxing this can be the perfect place. The Thermas de Carratraca in El Chorro receive many visitors.


We had already told you that this area was very rich in natural resources. There are 1300 different routes, so you can find different degrees of difficulty.

These are the most common activities to do in the place, besides the Caminito del Rey.

El Chorro, Malaga how to get there?

From Malaga it only takes an hour to get to this beautiful place. You can go by car, although if it is the first time you visit this part of the province of Malaga surely take a few more minutes to contemplate the stunning views. You can also get to El Chorro from Malaga train station.

On the website of the Alora Town Hall you can find more information about this area.